St. Nicholas Cathedral in nice
In December 1912, a solemn consecration of the nice St. Nicholas Cathedral, created under the patronage of Tsar Nicholas II and his mother Empress Maria Feodorovna. St. Nicholas Cathedral in…

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10 common misconceptions about the greatest structures of the world
Great architectural buildings that successfully withstood the test of time . despite the devastating warriors and natural disasters, often fraught with many mysteries and secrets. The construction of many of…

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The Church of all saints in bad Homburg

City bad Homburg (Bad Homburg vor der Höhe) got its name from the fortress of Heinberg. The first mention of the city dates back to 1180. The status of the resort with the prefix “bad” – received in 1912.

Small, old, quiet town, famous for its curative mineral springs, ancient castle, beautiful parks and good memories of great people, visited, situated at the foot of a short, but scenic Taunus hills. Healing springs of different temperature, composition and therapeutic properties (carbonic acid, ferric salt), the water of which is used for drinking, bathing and health treatments.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, bad Homburg visited by hundreds of guests from Russia who want to improve their health and be seen. Continue reading

15 most beautiful temples of the Old world

1. St. Basil’s Cathedral
Moscow, Russia
Its construction began in the XVI century
Pokrovsky Cathedral, also known as the temple, many believe the symbol of Moscow and whole Russia. Nobody is not set to the name of the master who built it. According to the legend, on the orders of Tsar Ivan the terrible blinded the Creator to nowhere and he never reproduced the unique architecture of the Cathedral. In Stalin’s time, the temple, its bright “candy” style sharply contrasted with the strict walls of the Kremlin and discontinously with demonstrations on red square, it was decided to demolish. From destruction saved him brave protest scholar-restorer, which cost the last several years of camps.
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The Church of Saint Simeon of wonderful mountain in Dresden

At the beginning the leader of our tour, rector of the Church in Hamburg, Archpriest Sergei Baburin told in detail about the purpose of our trip. On this day we had to visit the friendly community of the Church of Saint Simeon of wonderful mountain in Dresden, to explore the history of the Church, with the rector Archpriest Georgy Davydov, perform the prayer there. The second purpose of our visit to Dresden was the famous Dresden gallery. Serge talked about the fact that an Orthodox man should be multilateral education and the life of the soul is determined by the person’s ability to surprise. And tour of the Dresden gallery was supposed to be for us the opportunity to wonder, to learn more, to broaden their historical and artistic knowledge.

I must say in advance that our expectations were met in full. In addition we wanted to visit the historical centre and the famous Dresden Protestant Church in the name of our lady – Frauenkirche. Continue reading