Gothic Prague

Good day. In the latest episode of our program “a walk through Historical Prague monuments” welcome Lucia Dvořák. Today we will talk about the architecture of Prague Gothic of the period.

The Gothic style penetrated to Prague in the 1st half of the 13th century simultaneously with the emergence of new monastic orders: Dominicans, mineralov, the poor Clares and magdalenian. The Gothic period lasted until the early 16th century. During this period, especially during the reign of Charles the Fourth, Prague expressive rose, as it was founded the New town of Prague. Prague thus became one of the largest European cities. March 3, 1348, the year of Charles the Fourth gave a Charter and already on March 26 was laid the first stone of the city. In the New town is still a few Gothic Church buildings.

Italian humanist Umberto Decembrio in 1399, the year of Prague wrote:

“The beautiful buildings, the city puts up, lots of pretty streets around the centre, and each of them are then of special proceedings are held. Great are unfinished temples that Karel the Fourth during his life, commanded to build “. Continue reading

The great Chinese legend?

This is the most magnificent building built by man – the only one that can be seen from space with the naked eye. An impregnable fortification. Symbol of antiquity and power of the Chinese civilization. Heard about it every, but. no one saw it whole!

The construction of the Millennium

Look in any encyclopedia about the great wall of China can be found only a short article. And, alas, the data in different sources will often contradict each other. Nevertheless, officially recognized is considered such a story.

The great wall of China is a chain of fortifications, extending in the North of Ancient China from the Yellow sea to the Gobi desert. The total length of the wall is more than 6500 kilometers. The wall was built over two millennia.

It all started long before our era. At the time of the ancient Chinese state, about which we know almost nothing, collapsed into many small principalities that fought each other. And the richest of them began to build fortifications, so that it was easier to defend their borders. Continue reading

St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stefansdom)

St. Stefan – the symbol of Vienna and one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in Europe – has an ancient and rich history. And it begins in the fourth century when on the place where is now the Cathedral, was built the first wooden Church, dedicated to St. Stefan.

By the XII century it was already the third Church in the Romanesque style, which became “the basis” for built the Gothic facade and towers. Strictly speaking, the construction of the Cathedral in the form in which it exists now, began in 1137. however, before 1221 no written mention of it has survived. In 1258 there was a big fire, which burned early Romanesque building, and almost all already built the Gothic part of the Cathedral, excluding the tower facade.

The temple was rebuilt five years later, the Central nave was significantly increased. “Survived” the fire towers have become the architectural “point of reference” for further construction, which began in 1304 by order of and under the personal supervision of king albert I. In 1359 G. grandson of king Rudolf IV ordered to increase the internal space of the temple. Continue reading