The Church in nice. The Tsesarevich Nicholas.

Today we would like to tell you about the heir to the throne is crown Prince Nicholas, with the tragic fate of which is directly connected to temple relic – the icon of Saint Nicholas.

The heir Tsesarevich and Grand Duke, the first son of crown Prince Alexander Nikolayevich (later Emperor Alexander II) and the Princess Royal (later Empress) Maria Alexandrovna. Was born on 8 September 1843 at Tsarskoe Selo, died on 12 April 1865 in nice. The main feature of the crown Prince, is the cordiality that one of his teachers, A. I. Chivilev, was acknowledged even by excessive. According to him, “the Heir of Grand Duke Nicholas Alexandrovich was smart, capable to work thoughts and sympathized with all its highest interests, Continue reading

The great Chinese legend?

This is the most magnificent building built by man – the only one that can be seen from space with the naked eye. An impregnable fortification. Symbol of antiquity and power of the Chinese civilization. Heard about it every, but. no one saw it whole!

The construction of the Millennium

Look in any encyclopedia about the great wall of China can be found only a short article. And, alas, the data in different sources will often contradict each other. Nevertheless, officially recognized is considered such a story.

The great wall of China is a chain of fortifications, extending in the North of Ancient China from the Yellow sea to the Gobi desert. The total length of the wall is more than 6500 kilometers. The wall was built over two millennia.

It all started long before our era. At the time of the ancient Chinese state, about which we know almost nothing, collapsed into many small principalities that fought each other. And the richest of them began to build fortifications, so that it was easier to defend their borders. Continue reading

Geology of Kyrgyzstan

Terr. Kyrgyzstan whoget in the composition of the Ural-Mongolian folded geosynclinal belt, the structure to which isolated the base of the ancient pre-Mesozoic and Mesozoic-Cenozoic cover. In pre-Mesozoic structure of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is divided into 4 major structural regions: North, Middle and South Tien Shan and the Northern Pamir. Each of these areas consists of ancient uplifts and depressions, stratigraphic zones and sub-zones, separated from each other long-lived deep faults in the earth’s crust.

Northern Tien-Shan. Combines the ranges of Saili – ski Ala too, Kungey Ala-too, Kyrgyz, Terskey-Alatau, Jumgalski, Suusamyr, partially Talas Ala-too and Sekelsky. In the history of this area is allocated 7 tectonic. cycles. The main and final cycle — the Caledonian occurring during the early Paleozoic. The Caledonian structure in the field are Munkasci, Issyk-Kul and Talas-Kuratowski ancient arrays and separating them Kemin, Teskey-Kyrgyzskaya and Kara-Balta folded zones and systems zones. Continue reading