The great wall of China
The great wall of China (translated from Chinese as "Long wall of 10,000 Li") — the largest monument of architecture. The construction of the first wall began in the III…

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The Church of Transfiguration in Baden-Baden
Living in Baden-Baden and its environs Orthodox Christians have the advantage of praying in the Transfiguration Church, one of the most beautiful in Western Europe works of Russian Church architecture.…

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Mysterious structures

Imagine a densely populated Japan, where every piece of land is gold. And on this territory there are places where no man had trod for hundreds of years. These places are called copany.

Kofun — is an ancient burial emperors in Japanese — barrow. Classic kofun has the shape of a keyhole, around which dug a water-filled moat, and sometimes even two.

Japanese kofun, originates from the ancient tombs of China. The name of the kofun are megalithic tombs, for example Ishibutai kofun. In the narrow sense of the kofun is the burial of partially elongated shape, common in Japan between the 2nd half of the III century BC and the first half of the seventh century BC From this term comes the name of the Kofun period (300-538 years), which is part of the Yamato period in Japanese history.

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The most mysterious places on the planet

On Earth there are many places that frighten and attract attention with its mystery and mystique. Some of them are monuments of ancient culture, and some of these places – the creation of our contemporaries.

Some of the most mysterious places on the planet

Cape Hatteras

This area is called the graveyard of the Atlantic. For the navigation of the U.S. East coast is pretty dangerous. Even in good weather, when visibility is just perfect, it is difficult to pass vehicles. But if it happens a storm or fog (which is often the case), so all the trouble. In addition, the Cape is a very fast course, and in the storm wave height is thirteen meters. Near the Cape, where the Gulf stream collides with the Labrador current, observed a unique phenomenon – turbulent swirls and fountains up to 30 meters in height, consisting of a mixture of sea foam, shells and sand. They represent a great danger for sailors. Continue reading

In the middle East found many mysterious geoglyphs

In the middle East there are geoglyphs, is able to give odds to Peruvian. They stretch from Syria to Saudi Arabia, visible only from height of bird’s flight and virtually unknown to the public.

The existence of some the experts knew before. Now thanks to satellite mapping technology and aerial photography found new instances of in Jordan. Thousands of them.

Really, come to mind of the cemetery, divided into sectors according to some principle. These stone structures are extremely diverse, but almost always have one common element: a circle with “spokes” inside. Researchers believe that it is over two thousand years. As a rule, the “wheels” are on lava fields. The diameter varies from 25 to 70 m.

In Jordan more than in the whole valley of Nazca. In addition, they cover a much wider area and, apparently, much older, says David Kennedy from the University of Western Australia. The only thing the geoglyphs of Nazca transcend them, is meaning and beauty. Continue reading