The Church of Transfiguration in Baden-Baden
Living in Baden-Baden and its environs Orthodox Christians have the advantage of praying in the Transfiguration Church, one of the most beautiful in Western Europe works of Russian Church architecture.…

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Mysterious structures
Imagine a densely populated Japan, where every piece of land is gold. And on this territory there are places where no man had trod for hundreds of years. These places…

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How the ancient Egyptians built

In the beautiful valley of the Nile, surrounded by desert, was born one of the greatest civilizations of mankind that have made significant contributions to the culture and architecture of the ancient world. For the period V Millennium BC — IV century ad, the Egyptians have created many magnificent buildings, architectural structures and sculptures, which at present are specimens of superior craftsmanship. What was the building material of the ancient Egyptians? What technologies are allowed to exist Egyptian structures thousands of years?

In the architecture of Ancient Egypt decided to allocate several periods


In a monumental construction of the main building material of the ancient Egyptians was stone – rocks of Sandstone, granite, limestone, basalt, porphyry, etc. Huge buildings were to be eternal homes for the dead and the gods, to inspire awe and awareness of the power of the lords. Continue reading

In the middle East found many mysterious geoglyphs

In the middle East there are geoglyphs, is able to give odds to Peruvian. They stretch from Syria to Saudi Arabia, visible only from height of bird’s flight and virtually unknown to the public.

The existence of some the experts knew before. Now thanks to satellite mapping technology and aerial photography found new instances of in Jordan. Thousands of them.

Really, come to mind of the cemetery, divided into sectors according to some principle. These stone structures are extremely diverse, but almost always have one common element: a circle with “spokes” inside. Researchers believe that it is over two thousand years. As a rule, the “wheels” are on lava fields. The diameter varies from 25 to 70 m.

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5 major achievements of ancient Egypt

The culture of ancient Egypt is divided into several periods: pre-dynastic, Old, Middle, New Kingdom and Later. And lasts from the fourth Millennium BC — the time of formation and the centralization of governance in the state, until 30-th years BC — rule of the last Pharaoh from the dynasty of Ptolemies (Alexander the great ) and the conquest of the Roman Empire headed by Augustus (Octavian) — a descendant of Julius Caesar. During the existence of the world civilization was made many revolutionary discoveries, the results of which we use in our day.

1. Egyptian achievements in mathematics and astronomy

The first mathematical research was done in Egypt. Residents of the Nile Delta invented the decimal system of calculation, were able to divide and multiply. It was known the value of “PI”, which was taken on the basis of the proportions of the great pyramid of Cheops and the tombs of other pharaohs. The Egyptians knew how to determine area and volume. Continue reading