Cologne Cathedral is a Gothic gem of Germany
High vaulted ceiling, columns, arches, tall Windows with stained-glass Windows — that the Gothic style was the leading trend in the XIII - XV centuries. Gem Germany is undoubtedly the…

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The underground city ancient
Ancient people built cities not only on land but also under the ground. To this conclusion came expedition of Ernst Muldashev. — Ernst Professor, you told me that you found…

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In the middle East found many mysterious geoglyphs

In the middle East there are geoglyphs, is able to give odds to Peruvian. They stretch from Syria to Saudi Arabia, visible only from height of bird’s flight and virtually unknown to the public.

The existence of some the experts knew before. Now thanks to satellite mapping technology and aerial photography found new instances of in Jordan. Thousands of them.

Really, come to mind of the cemetery, divided into sectors according to some principle. These stone structures are extremely diverse, but almost always have one common element: a circle with “spokes” inside. Researchers believe that it is over two thousand years. As a rule, the “wheels” are on lava fields. The diameter varies from 25 to 70 m.

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To get to dark matter

Hadron Collider at CERN has collected an amazing band. This is largely Russian and Chinese physics. However, there is world team. What she was doing there, understand only a few, and those really can not explain to ordinary people what is the Higgs boson and dark matter, the more that will come out of all this.

Breaking a symbolic milestone — typed scientific data volume has exceeded 100 petabytes, that is 100 thousand terabytes (on this disc you can fit the entire Library named after Lenin, the video “Mosfilm” and Hollywood), the Large hadron Collider goes into a two-year vacation.

1734 electromagnet stopped. If people in the room when the Collider is running — death was instantaneous. The effect of the microwave oven warms up any liquid up to 300 degrees Celsius for exactly half a second.

For the first time after repairing the Collider is operating at full capacity: total energy collisions of protons will increase from the current 8 to 14 teraelectronvolt. The Higgs boson — the biggest sensation of the last year for which it was originally built zernovski accelerator. It allows to construct the moment of origin of our Universe. Continue reading

Gothic sculpture

Gothic sculpture.The main type of art in the Gothic period sculpture. For the first time since antiquity the statues and sculptural groups (on the facades of cathedrals or on the altar screen) got rich artistic content and developed of plastic form.

Gothic cathedrals look like forests. And these forests are inhabited by various creatures both real and fantastic. Here and brooding Chimera, sheep, donkeys, oxen in the gospel scenes, fish, birds, beavers, dogs, squirrels, woodpeckers, lizards, turtles, snakes and gargoyles in the form of animals with his mouth open. And above it all dominated people. Sculpture prevails in Cathedral portals, extends across the facade, fancy using every ledge, almost every architectural detail. Cathedrals such as Paris, Amiens and Chartres comprise each up to 2 thousand sculptures.

Gothic sculpture is a phenomenon of great significance in the world of artistic creativity. It is significantly different from the sculpture of the Romanesque period. First, during the Gothic reigns round plastic and there is no relief. Secondly, ossification and the isolation Continue reading