Monuments of town planning and architecture of Ukrainian SSR

It consists of a Church, cells, naderites of the bell tower and surrounding territory tems with corner towers.

Assumption Church is oriented on the axis North-South. In terms of a three-nave, four-pillar Basilica with elongated five-sided choir. The main southern facade was two-tower, rebuilt in the mid XVIII century Decorated in the form of two edicol and the lunette, placed symmetrically relative to the axis of the facade. The original Renaissance decoration are preserved on the lateral facades: arched Windows have ashlar architraves with a distinctive profile and impressive figure carved key-macaroons.

The modern interior of the Church was established in the middle— the second half of the XVIII century, the Walls of the nave is divided by pilasters with stucco capitals of the composite order, completed high entablature. The walls and vaults are covered with monumental illusory painting. The narthex is decorated canopy, the composition of which consists of various forms of “mirrors”, and stucco cartouches in Rococo style.

Cells l-shaped in plan, two-storey, covered by cross vaults. Internal planning is corridor with one-sided layout of the rooms. The architectural decoration is missing.

The territory of the monument is fenced by a brick wall forming a rectangle in shape with Camerimage towers, two of which are near the river. Brick towers, the plan is the right patikrinti, bunk, had vaulted ceilings. Completed brick pyramidal top, with an interception in the base.

In each face of the towers — one of Bojnice. The main entrance is located in the centre of the Eastern wall, has the appearance of an arched doorway, above which rises chetyrehrogaja bell tower built later (XIX century).

The monument belongs to the works of Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

St Nicolas CHURCH, end of XVI—the beginning XVII centuries.

Originally trekhmernoi, defense. In 1734, rebuilt: porch dismantled and instead of it added to a large volume, formed three aisles of the new facility. Ancient building presents nowadays is square in plan with nave and a pentagonal apse. The nave covered with barrel vault with a pointed strikings, the apse is semicircular with strikings and odd-ortsverein with three decks, the ribs of profiled decks. Outside the nave and apse of the same height, but the apse is covered is considerably lower, caused by the device over her battle tier with loopholes.

The monument is a unique example of defensive religious buildings of Podolia, having a closed battle tier above the apse.

The complex of buildings of the Carmelite monastery in Those rabble. Plan of assumption Church.