The ancient city of Izmir

Today is a nice resort and just a beautiful city Izmir in Turkey and is the third most populous city in the country (about 3.5 million people), but it was not always. Izmir is one of the most ancient cities in the Mediterranean, with a rich, beautiful, and pronou mysterious history, the streets of this town remember him stepping on the leg of Alexander the great, remember the speeches of Cicero, and gnashing of the pen of the great Homer. Izmir is located between high mountains, along the Harbor, on the Aegean sea, where, despite the hot sun, you can enjoy the fresh sea breeze at any time of day and year, since the climate in this latitude is very soft. Izmir is the only thriving and now, the ancient city, on the shores of the Aegean sea. Founded approximately in the second Millennium BC.Uh. the city was called Smyrna, in the account of the origin of the name, opinions differ, some historians believe that the city was so named in honor of Artemis, the Greeks named Samorini, other that in honor of the eponymous district of Ephesus, from where immigrants settled Myrrh. As an important trading city, Smyrna periodically passed from one Empire to another, but in the early 20th century, the city was conquered by the Turks and got its modern name is Izmir, to be exact – Guzel–Izmir (Beautiful Izmir), for the beauty of the architecture and surrounding landscape.

Segodnyashniyden the city successfully combines in its architecture the modern and ancient. It so happened that the most ancient buildings and sites are located on the outlying streets of Izmir, where you can stroll, enjoying the beauty and antiquity of the architecture, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and, unlike Istanbul or Antalya, you will be protected from various merchants. But, the closer you’ll be to the center of the city, the architecture will be modern and the General appearance of the surrounding area. And when approaching the center, you will plunge into the everyday life it is a European city, where the Bureau of forensic medical examination is adjacent to huge hypermarkets, suddenly you will be pleasantly surprised and almost in the center, Oriental colorful blocks, cozy restaurants with national cuisine and authentic Turkish shops where you will be served by polite and pleasant to talk to the heirs of the Ottoman Empire. In the Central square of the city Konak is the symbol of Izmir, the Saat Kulesi, or, in translation into Russian – the clock Tower.

In Izmir many attractions, for example – Kizlaragasi Khan, Inn, 18th-century or ancient Jewish quarter Asner, where in the 19th century was built the lift height 51 ‘ n meter, the fortress Kadifekale and the largest in the city of Hisar mosque. And also, you can visit the historical Museum, located near the Central square and has a huge collection of antiquities, the ethnographic Museum, the Museum of fine arts, Museum of natural history. In addition to historical attractions, Izmir will submit to your pleasure, the world famous thermal springs of Balcova, which has many medicinal properties.

Besides attractions in the city, eat, what to look and in its vicinity, to take, at least, located to the North of Izmir, the legendary city of Troy, sung by Homer and, like a magnet attracting travelers and tourists from around the world, the echo of the long past war, the face of Helen of Troy and the exploits of the cunning Odysseus. Or Bergama (Pergamos), an ancient cultural center, with theatre, library and many temples of different, long sunk into oblivion, the old gods.

South of Izmir, is the former largest, both in size and importance, a city of Asia Minor – Ephesus, the city, breathing the history, on the outskirts of which is one of the seven wonders of the world – the temple of the goddess Artemis, unfortunately, in our time, almost completely destroyed. No matter where you look, North, South, or East, around Izmir have enough ancient sites, ancient monuments.

But, in antiquities, in Izmir and around it, there are modern recreational facilities, hotels and beach clubs, will surprise you with exquisite decor, polite and even helpful treatment of their guests.