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Mysterious Easter island on the world map

Latin America is in the Western hemisphere, ranging from the borders of the U.S. and to Mexico.

This area is rich in legend, it was here originally inhabited by ancient peoples – the Maya and the Aztecs.

In this region full of national parks and archaeological sites, as well as cities rich in colonial architecture.

But the biggest attention in all of Latin America deserves Easter island. It is located in the Pacific ocean, off the West coast of Chile.

It is rightly called the most mysterious island on the globe. He has a tragic, but nevertheless rich history of its origin, which to this day is one of the reasons for visiting this place.

The mysteries and legends Shrouding the island, can not attract the proper attention.

As for the locals, they now live on another island called Hanga ROA, Easter island named national Park and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The history of the island

Easter island has not one name, but eight, each of which has its own significance, so it is also called “the navel of the earth” and “eye, staring at the sky”.

Resident population – Rapa Nui people – no more than four thousand people.

This place is the most isolated in the world, since 1200 years ago on the island canoes sailed sailors.

From that time until our days it is the development of a unique community of people with a unique view of the world, because they started carving giant statues out of volcanic rock moai.

To this day the moai are the most unique relics in the world.

Scientists have advanced many different versions of the emergence and subsequent development of life on Easter island.

Archaeologists believe that the only inhabitants of the island are Polynesians, as for the Europeans, the first visitor to the island was a Dutchman named Jacob Roggeveen, the first European discovered the island.

What was reported by him and members of his team, turned the idea of the population of the island, as testified to presence in it not only light-skinned but dark-skinned people.

And it’s not really associated with Polynesian theory. That’s why still some debate regarding the origin of life on this beautiful place, located in Latin America.

So much to see, visiting the island?


First, it is the moai, which represent statues of stone in the form of human heads, located on Easter island around the coast. They reach twenty feet in height, their gaze is directed into the middle of the island.

Some of the statues you can see the red caps of stone. Until now, information about them is unknown, according to legend, the moai came to Easter island.

On the territory of Easter island is 997 such statues.

The volcano rano raraku

Secondly, one of the most interesting places to visit by every tourist, is the volcano rano raraku.

At its foot you can see more than three hundred stone statues, as well as the largest ritual site.

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Bay Of Anak

Thirdly, the Bay of Anak, because in this place you can admire a beautiful beach with coral white sand. Here you can go diving or surfing.

In the grove among the palms usually have picnics, in addition near this Bay was the landing for the first king of the population of Rapa Nui.

The viewing platform at the volcano rano Kao

Fourthly, observation deck, located on the volcano rano Kao, in the same place there is a small volcano called puna-Pau.

In the distant past, at the foot of it was mining red stone, from which were manufactured the hats for the stone idols of Easter island.


Extremely interesting study of the island’s caves.

They are located near Ana Kakenga, of course, they are not as large entry wound, but this is enough to climb inside and marvel hidden from the outside world.

On the island there are caves that are available for free of tourists, and there are those that are not fully understood.

So the very curious can independently research unknown.

The Catholic Church, Hanga ROA

Sunday has a chance to get to the music service.

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The anthropology Museum and the city library

Finally, the anthropology Museum and the city library. It is possible to find many interesting books with myths and mysteries which are kept Easter island from its visitors.

Besides all this, visiting Easter island, you will be able to:

Enjoy the local seafood.

To study the underwater world.

To participate in the conduct of folk dances and rites at the festival of Tapati.

Everything else you will have the opportunity to dive into a completely different world that is full of myths and legends of ancient islanders, from them you can learn a lot of useful information.

But that’s not all, because the full picture of rest is created by the solitude on the beach of Anak.

And most importantly, what to do, arriving at this place, is, of course, to meet a dawn together with the mysterious symbols, from which comes not only power but also spiritual power.

By visiting this site, you will be able to enter the history not only of Cyprus but also of the moai statues.

Of course, there are no star hotels, but the simplicity and naturalness that prevails around is all you need.

In addition, the lack of civilization is filled with a huge number of attractions that most travelers choose tours and on Easter island, despite a hefty price to get there, to spend your unforgettable holiday.

But the island deserves to have you glued to the screen, visited him and saw it with my own eyes.

Held on the Easter island