The Church of all saints in bad Homburg
City bad Homburg (Bad Homburg vor der Höhe) got its name from the fortress of Heinberg. The first mention of the city dates back to 1180. The status of the…

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Architecture and visual arts of the middle ages
Until the 11th century in medieval Western Europe, a stone building almost was not conducted. 11.12 in centuries everywhere erected stone castles, monasteries, temples. All these buildings have thick, smooth…

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The underground city ancient

Ancient people built cities not only on land but also under the ground. To this conclusion came expedition of Ernst Muldashev.

— Ernst Professor, you told me that you found during the expedition several underground cities. What our distant ancestors needed the underground structure hidden in multi-kilometer depth?

— Almost all the legends of the world, be it East, Latin America, Greece or Syria, acknowledges the existence of the underground world. Especially interesting is the ancient Babylonian view of the world. The Sumerians were isolated terrestrial world and three parts of the underworld — the underworld as such, the underground ocean and the world of the dead. And from the descriptions it is possible to understand that the underworld itself is most likely the legendary Shambhala, where diverse people of all existed on the Earth human races and the world of the dead — people in a state of Somati, who through meditation was able to “CloseConsoleRule” his own body, to become the representatives of the gene pool, insuring people in case of global catastrophes. It is believed that the underground world is much stronger than the surface world, where we live.

— Is it possible to find real evidence for the existence of the underground world?

— Such evidence, we managed to find quite a lot. For example, when in the city of Damascus built road tunnel, it revealed a massive wall, wholesalw deep into the earth. Builders are interested, and they began to go along the wall. After passing 10-20 meters, they dropped the idea — a wall went deep into nowhere. Such deep foundations, as you know, does not happen, and high buildings, requiring a strong Foundation in Damascus no.

In the area of the temple of Abydos (Egypt) excavations led to the discovery of the strange stone structures, made of smoothly hewn stone blocks weighing tens and hundreds of tons. Archaeologists dug more than 20 meters, but the walls went much deeper.

In the pyramid district of Dassera (Egypt) excavations led to the discovery of a huge rectangular wells (about 10 meters in diameter), built of megalithic stones and slabs weighing up to 1000 tons, extending deep into God knows where.

In the area of the pyramid of Cheops, which is also being excavated, we saw a huge oval space, enclosed by megalithic slabs weighing up to 1000 tons and more, which also goes into the ground.

The temple at Baalbek (Lebanon) next to the wall, composed of blocks weighing up to 2000 tons, there is an entrance to the underground labyrinth, where no one is allowed to have people not died.

It should be added that in Latin America under many monuments exist of the underground structure. Easter island was honeycombed with underground labyrinth.

It seems that the ancient people built their cities and temples, not only on earth, but also underground, to… perhaps, to connect with the legendary Shambhala. Who knows.

— Do you think that the megalithic structure created by the giants, the traces of which you saw in Syria? But the passages inside the caves and inside the pyramid are very narrow! The giant cannot go that way.

— The narrow passage under the ground in the pyramid of Chephren (Egypt) — But there are wide aisles. And the narrow passages, I think, was created not for people but for “balls of Prana”. We cannot exclude that the human body can live in dematerialized condition! And the types of energy in ancient times, probably, were in other… for example, the energy of time, produced by special machines.