Frame system of Gothic architecture
Load balancing The innovation technical solution consisted of the following: arch stopped to lean on the solid walls of the building, a massive barrel vault replaced the ribbed openwork cross,…

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St. Nicholas Cathedral in nice
In December 1912, a solemn consecration of the nice St. Nicholas Cathedral, created under the patronage of Tsar Nicholas II and his mother Empress Maria Feodorovna. St. Nicholas Cathedral in…

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Morocco (Kingdom of Morocco) – a country in which a surprising combination of old buildings, ancient traditions and customs with new buildings and modern technology.

Geographical position

Morocco is located on the territory of the African continent. From the North coast of the country washed by the Mediterranean sea, and West of the Atlantic ocean. Morocco’s neighbors are Algeria and Mauritania. The boundary in the South-East is not clearly defined, as that part is the Sahara desert.

Climatic conditions

Weather conditions in different parts of Morocco differ somewhat. For example, in the Northern part of the country, subtropical climate prevails. In the summer the temperature rises to +24 to 28 degrees. In winter it rarely falls below 10 degrees.

Absolutely other situation was observed in southern Morocco. In summer the temperature quite often rises to +37 degrees. Winter in the South is cool (about 5 degrees).

Water resources of the state

Morocco is famous for the network of rivers running from the mountains to the Atlantic ocean, the Sahara and the Mediterranean sea. The largest rivers are Tensift, Cebu, Moulouya Oued Umm al-Rbiya.

Within the state there are lakes. The largest of them is the bin-El-Ouidane. In the mountain areas are drying up lake.The largest include the Chott Gharbi and SCHOTT of Tigre.

Protected areas

Morocco has established several nature reserves and national parks for the purpose of maintaining tourist interest in the country. On protected areas to explore, met with unusual fauna and flora.

National Park Toubkal interesting for its location. It is located in the heart of the High Atlas. Here you can admire not only the flora and fauna and high mountain peaks.

Protected area of al Hoceima is located on the Mediterranean coast. Here is a very diverse landscape. The rocky mountains are alternated by plains.

Administrative-territorial division

The country is divided into prefectures and provinces. They are all United in 16 regions. One of them is in the Sahara desert, and two only partially.

Major cities

The largest city is Casablanca. It has a population of more than 3.3 million people. The second area is Rabat. This city is also the capital of Morocco. It is home to about 1.6 million people. The third position can be assigned to a city called Marrakech. A population of over 1 million people.


In Morocco quite a lot of attractions. Well-known is the Koutoubia located in Marrakech. Interesting remains of the Phoenician colonies, the oldest of which is Lix. Attractions include the creations of Moroccan architecture – the palaces of the Dar-Batha (Fes), Dar-Galii (G. Moksnes).