Krakow invites
Krakow is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities of Poland, with its specific and unique character. It's here for centuries, met different people, cultures and religions, creating an…

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The Church of all saints in bad Homburg
City bad Homburg (Bad Homburg vor der Höhe) got its name from the fortress of Heinberg. The first mention of the city dates back to 1180. The status of the…

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Cologne Cathedral (Germany, Cologne)

For many years the German town of Cologne attracts many tourists because here in the heart of the city atop Cathedral hill is the famous Cologne Cathedral is an architectural monument included in the UNESCO list.

Every tourist who arrived in Cologne for the first time, is unlikely to specify the address of this attraction, because of high construction tower visible from almost any point in the city. Cologne Cathedral is among the three tallest Gothic cathedrals in the world: the height of the Cathedral is 157 meters.

Its Gothic style Cathedral Cologne Cathedral have inherited from their Italian “brothers” of Milan and Seville Cathedral, the architecture of which, in turn, duplicates of Amiens Cathedral – a sample of severomorskoy Gothic.

The history of the construction of the Cathedral has its roots in antiquity – in the beginning of the XIII century, although according to various sources, the Foundation of this religious architectural works were laid long before the coming of Christianity to these lands. This fact also point to various archaeological studies, which are still held in the Cathedral, as there continually are finding all sorts of artifacts, talking about the antiquity and religion of the place.

Although the first stone structure was laid in 1248, the construction of this architectural structure lasted for more than 600 years. Neuroprostanes Cathedral is shrouded with mystery and legends. The main legend about the origin of the Cathedral is a legend which says that in the 13th century, the Cologne architect Gerhard could not design the Cathedral and in this case he called in the aid of the devil himself. He brought drawings, but demanded in return the soul of the architect. However, the cunning wife of the architect had deceived the messenger of hell and saved her husband, however, offended Lucifer put a spell whereby the city of Cologne will thrive, while the Cathedral is being built. Like it or not, but in Germany everyone knows that construction and restoration works of the Cologne Cathedral is still going on. Incidentally, all development was carried out solely on the primary drawings without any changes.

Today Cologne Cathedral wins the heart of tourists with its medieval grandeur and beauty. A highlight of the Cathedral are the stained glass Windows, made by medieval craftsmen. And thanks to the townspeople, most of the stained glass Windows, which today are pleasing to the eye for everyone, during the Second World War were hidden.

The main attractions of Cologne Cathedral can be attributed to its religious features, which for centuries attracted Catholics. First Cathedral was established as the custodian of the Shrine with the relics of the Magi – the great shrines. Later a “sacred” collection was added the burial of the archbishops, which were canonized, restored Milan Madonna. The most popular is the two-meter oak cross – the Cross of Gero. Its uniqueness lies not so much in a huge amount of exactly what image of the body of Christ that the era of its manufacture is very surprising.

To visit the Cathedral at any time of the year: in summer from 6.00 – 21.00, in the winter from 6.00 – 19.30. The entrance to the Cathedral is free, just visit the observation deck on the tower you have to pay about 3 euros. You can also visit the tour in English, which will cost about 5 euros.