What dreams high building?
This question is difficult to answer, having different dreams and having sufficient knowledge in the interpretation of dreams. High building, was in dream - to achieve the set goals that…

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Holy Koloman. The monastery in Melk (Austria)
Saint Coloman was an Irish pilgrim on his way to Jerusalem, being in the border area of Austria, aroused the suspicions of the local population, as spoke a foreign language…

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Top 20 best sculptures in the world

In the modern world presents a huge variety of sculptures for every taste. Perhaps each of them will have its admirers, but only a few known to a wider audience. We offer you to see Top 20 most known and the best sculptures in the world.

Let’s start with the replicated sculpture “Venus de Milo” . It’s no secret that copies of this work can often be seen in the halls of various institutions. The author and creation date of the sculpture is unknown but it is suspected that she appeared in about 130 BC Ekspozitsionerom the original in the Louvre.

For a long time the statue of “David” by Michelangelo decorated the Central square of Florence. This artwork illustrating the biblical story of David and Goliath, in 1504. At the moment, the sculpture height more than 5 meters is located in the Florentine Academy of fine arts and the main square is decorated with a copy of it.

The most famous sculpture of Auguste Rodin “the Thinker” was completed in 1882. But in 1906, this masterpiece was cast in bronze and increased to 181 see Now the original is in the Paris Rodin Museum. And in different cities around the world, you can see his copy.

The statue “discus thrower” is one of the most popular antique sculptures. Originallybooty statue, allegedly of the authorship of Myron, was lost, but you can admire its copies made in Ancient Rome.

Bronze “David” – Donatello creation, created in 1440. The sculpture illustrates the victory of David, with a mysterious smile looking at the severed head of the defeated Goliath. The original is in the Florentine National Museum.

The sculpture “Pieta” by Michelangelo was created in 1499. Depicts the virgin Mary with the crucified Jesus in her arms. The original is in the Vatican. Height is 1,74 m.

The statue of “Justice” is the embodiment of the goddess Themis. There are many sculptures of this subject, it is difficult to select the best. But we can say that this ancient image is very popular.

The sculpture “the Kiss” made from marble by Auguste Rodin in 1889. Is one of the illustrations to “the divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri. Ekspozitsionerom the original in the Rodin Museum in France.

“Hermes” is the only work of the ancient Greek Creator of Praxiteles, the extant. Approximate start year 343 BC, Height with the pedestal is 3.7 meters. Olympic is now in the Archaeological Museum.

The author of the sculpture “Nike of Samothrace” . depicting a winged goddess of victory, is still unknown. It was created in the II century BC the original is kept in Louvre.

The statue of Christ the Redeemer is 38 meters tall completed in 1931, she was elected to the seven New wonders of the world. The monument is located in Rio de Janeiro and is the main attraction of Brazil.

“Moai” – the most mysterious sculptures, they are located on Easter island. Embossed statue of solid stone. There was a total of 887 units, all different size and weight. Method, and most importantly – the reason for their establishment is unknown.

“The great Sphinx” is the oldest, extant, grandiose sculptures. It is carved in the form of a huge Sphinx out of solid rock. The length is 73 meters, height – 20 meters. Located on the banks of the Nile river in Giza.

The statue of “Freedom” made by the French masters and given to the United States in 1885, is a symbol of America. The height is 46 meters, with a pedestal – 93 meters, is located on Liberty island near Manhattan.

Manneken Pis – the famous statue of Belgium. The exact date and the details of creating a bronze sculpture with a height of 61 cm is unknown. Located in Brussels.

The statue of the little Mermaid – a Copenhagen landmark. Established in 1913, the sculpture height is 1.25 m. has Repeatedly been vandalized.

Buddha statue with a height of 71 meters is located near the city of Leshan, is one of the tallest Buddha images. The erection of this monument lasted 90 years and was started in 713.

Shiva statue with a height of 44 meters is located in Nepal, was built 7 years from 2003 to 2010.

Nelson’s column is in Trafalgar square, erected this monument in honour of Admiral Horatio Nelson in 1843. Statue height 5.5 meters and rises on the column height of 46 meters.

The bronze statue of “Buddha spring temple” is the highest on Earth, its height is 128 meters. Is she in China in the village of Jozani, completed in 2002.