The ancient buildings of the city of Teotihuacan

Classics are classics and there’s nothing you can do about it. So considers the majority of tourists and travel agencies. On the right and left fly suggestions on interesting excursions to the classical cities of Europe.

But much more interesting may be to go to a country like Cambodia or Mexico. Of course, they cannot be compared, and with Europe too, but the uniqueness of these countries is undeniable. Take, for Mexico. There’s a real archaeological complexes that are trying to convey to us the life of bygone civilizations, to lift the veil for scientists over the mysteries of the past. One of such complexes is considered to be incredible Teotihuacan. It can be found near Mexico city and take a tour.

The complex is really unique and shows the life of an ancient civilization two thousand years ago. The most important and ancient age in the complex are the pyramid of the Sun and the pyramid of the moon. They’re the key attractions of this Ghost town. The pyramid of the Sun is the third largest in the world and second only to the Pyramid of Cholula the same in Mexico and the Pyramid of Cheops. Under the Pyramid is even and the tunnel that still can’t be attributed to natural formation or creation of human hands.

Pyramid Unineresting associated with the ritual ceremonies of the Aztecs, as the top is clearly the appropriate site. And from the Pyramid, or to her, leads the so called street of the Dead. The center is designated by the Teotihuacan Citadel, which is represented by the area surrounded by high walls. Most likely there lived the ruler of the country. On the walls you can find several small pyramids, and in the center of the square built this ancient temple – the Temple of the Feathered Serpent.

The architecture of the temple and of all the pyramids is quite interesting and beautiful. But most scientists take riddles, inscriptions and the history of this place, which is still not able to solve. Much of the history of the Aztecs is not clear and not understood, but scientists are conducting research scratching their heads and trying to fill that gap. We, as tourists, free to enjoy the antiquity, grandeur and beauty of such structures, who in the world was found not so much.