The Structure Of The World.
There is a space, infinite and unlimited. Imagine the space, only with an unlimited number of dimensions. Inside this space there are WORLDS (limited), and our including. Worlds may be…

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Mysterious Easter island on the world map
Latin America is in the Western hemisphere, ranging from the borders of the U.S. and to Mexico. This area is rich in legend, it was here originally inhabited by ancient…

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To get to dark matter

Hadron Collider at CERN has collected an amazing band. This is largely Russian and Chinese physics. However, there is world team. What she was doing there, understand only a few, and those really can not explain to ordinary people what is the Higgs boson and dark matter, the more that will come out of all this.

Breaking a symbolic milestone — typed scientific data volume has exceeded 100 petabytes, that is 100 thousand terabytes (on this disc you can fit the entire Library named after Lenin, the video “Mosfilm” and Hollywood), the Large hadron Collider goes into a two-year vacation.

1734 electromagnet stopped. If people in the room when the Collider is running — death was instantaneous. The effect of the microwave oven warms up any liquid up to 300 degrees Celsius for exactly half a second.

For the first time after repairing the Collider is operating at full capacity: total energy collisions of protons will increase from the current 8 to 14 teraelectronvolt. The Higgs boson — the biggest sensation of the last year for which it was originally built zernovski accelerator. It allows to construct the moment of origin of our Universe.

After the temperature of the accelerator has reached room (cooling lasted 16 days), checked the level of radiation here for the first time began to start people.

A giant magnet weighing three thousand tons is under Semana a depth of 100 meters. In the Large hadron Collider is a 27 kilometer tunnel — with the speed of light collide bunches of protons. Unthinkable radiation — this is a restricted area. But after the discovery of the Higgs boson that the LHC is temporarily stopped.

The gray portion of the pipe, which is located in the middle of the red circle is a line segment, which passes the beam of particles accelerated at the LHC. Another interesting fact that one part of the pipe from the accelerator is 30-storey home.

Accurate electronics will have to reconfigure for new tasks. The reconfiguration involved physicists from Dubna, because all instructions in underground mines in Russian.

“If the Higgs exists, we understand how the world works in some limits of the standard model, how the universe works. But if there is no Higgs, then we don’t understand and have to start all over again,” says Sergei Malyukov, senior fellow at the joint Institute for nuclear research.

But starting over is not necessary — one of the mysteries now solved. The Higgs boson was the only unknown elementary particle, the last element in the structure of the Universe. The elusive Higgs boson (“God particle”) reports the mass of everything in our galaxy. Now theoretically possible to recreate the Big Bang two, that is to self-destroy planets, stars and the entire Universe.

“Here you can talk about the end of the world, and the development scenarios of the universe. But on our lives,” said Alexei Myagkov, a leading researcher of the Institute of high energy physics.

Next, a more powerful collision of charged particles occur on the border of France and Switzerland. The temperature in the splitting of the protons will exceed 4 trillion degrees Celsius. Physicists hope that the vacuum in the Universe will be filled, because 90 percent of our galaxy is invisible substance, dark matter, which until now no one was able to fix. And it’s much harder boson.

“A transition from a state in which we find ourselves now, in another state, which will lead to a universal cataclysm comparable to the Big Bang,” suggests Andrew Kunin, Professor Massachusetts Institute of technology.

Competitor Collider — alpha magnetic spectrometer — already sent to the ISS. Data from space will prove the existence of the substantia nigra without the underground fighting and high-temperature explosions.

600 special computers that are offline are working in conditions of high space radiation, is the development of Russian scientists. Giant magnet literally pulls the beams of radiation and sends the information to CERN.

“Dark matter here itself doesn’t fly as something is happening, that arise from other particles, which we register, for example, positrons,” says Alexey Lebedev, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of technology.

16 — wear programmed electronics, which currently operates in orbit. All information is flown down to Houston. If dark matter, which theoretically binds the Universe, not discover physical laws have to be revised. If the existence of a substance will confirm, it is either the inexhaustible energy source and travel through the Universe, or still the end of the world.