In the middle East found many mysterious geoglyphs

In the middle East there are geoglyphs, is able to give odds to Peruvian. They stretch from Syria to Saudi Arabia, visible only from height of bird’s flight and virtually unknown to the public.

The existence of some the experts knew before. Now thanks to satellite mapping technology and aerial photography found new instances of in Jordan. Thousands of them.

Really, come to mind of the cemetery, divided into sectors according to some principle. These stone structures are extremely diverse, but almost always have one common element: a circle with “spokes” inside. Researchers believe that it is over two thousand years. As a rule, the “wheels” are on lava fields. The diameter varies from 25 to 70 m.

In Jordan more than in the whole valley of Nazca. In addition, they cover a much wider area and, apparently, much older, says David Kennedy from the University of Western Australia. The only thing the geoglyphs of Nazca transcend them, is meaning and beauty.

A new study conducted by Mr. Kennedy and his colleagues showed that the geoglyphs are built in different stone patterns: deltoids (they, presumably, were used for shelter and mass bistatic), small stone pyramids and the mysterious walls that wander across the landscape, no obvious practical use.

Small pyramids made out of stones, sometimes run along the perimeter of the “wheel”, and sometimes are located between the “spokes”. The experts sometimes get the feeling that they noted the place of burial, and “wheels” served as a plan for the cemetery.

Interestingly, a large stone paddocks around nine thousand years, and “wheels” were added to them much later.

On the appointment “wheel” is anyone’s guess. The only thing that comes to mind is a religion (ancestor worship, for example).

For the first time they become known in 1927 with the publication of Lieutenant of the Royal air force of great Britain Percy Maitland in the journal Antiquity. So far none of these constructions have not been excavated. The archaeologists, who lived in the era when there was no Google Earth, believed that it was the remains of houses and cemeteries.

Mr. Kennedy’s questioning this: “In this area, it seems that there was a inclusive cultural continuum and the local people felt the need to create round structures, whatever their purpose”. In other words, it can be anything.

Some “wheels” are alone, others are grouped. In Saudi Arabia the group, Mr. Kennedy found similar structures, but some of them rectangular, but some circles have only two “spokes”, which are oriented to the sunrise and the sunset. The geoglyphs in Jordan and Syria “spokes” are numerous and do not correspond, apparently, to astronomical phenomena.

The study is published in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

Prepared according to LiveScience.