The Structure Of The World.

There is a space, infinite and unlimited. Imagine the space, only with an unlimited number of dimensions. Inside this space there are WORLDS (limited), and our including. Worlds may be limited or unlimited(like ours) in size. In this space (that’s what I call Chaos) are region, full of energy heaps of free(and unfree. ) Energy, Tree times and much more. The tree of times-some structure, which is strung on some Worlds (including ours), but not all. The movement of the worlds and gives us the notion of time. There is

the concept of fate in the form: imagine a tree(I did Tree times), with a highly branched structure. Branches and bifurcation

predefined, but vyvorotki depends on the person (the upward movement). All the trees of the Fate of all the active forces of the World, United together, form the Tree of Peace. It is the projection of the Tree Times for this world. Trees Worlds do not interfere with each other, they are independent (think of beskonechnomernykh Chaos). They are the Tree.

So, more about the WORLDS.

The basis of any WORLD is the Grid-interlacing white lines of energy with a certain distance between them(not permanent). Of course about mathematical Cartesian grid it is not. Any two objects adjacent in the Grid World can be arbitrarily far, but there is a definite correlation-curvilinear coordinate system, depending,respectively, from Wood Times as it sits. Worlds not beskonechnomernykh, although measurements and much. Light and Darkness is the first level of drivers Mesh-transition elements from the power Grid to the matter. Fire, Water, Earth and Air-the four alchemical sign is the last 12th level drivers(quasi-material) (remember the quarks). Unfortunately, the rest of you missed. All drivers are already colored (or rather consist of different energies, each a different colour). Based on the structure of elementary particles (remember physics). This, of course, a very rough summary. By the way, no driver is reasonable, but they are affected by some intelligent force. Please remember, Chaos has never been created, it is the basis of everything that was, is and will be forever.

Now about reasonable force.

In Chaos there are two separate not have the time (not in the Tree Times) of the World, let’s call them Heaven and Hell. Run each of them respectively God and the Devil. They are not fighting with each other, as are churchmen, because they first immortal, and secondly their existence keeps the Balance, and therefore the existence of all Worlds. In addition, the Chaos still lives a lot of people (an infinite number). Each “body” represents the mind and energy scheme(similar to body).

The scheme consists of sources, converters, batteries and many other organs. Everyone is trying to improve.

Not immortal beings may disintegrate. There is also the concept of birth in a certain place of Chaos. Every creature in the Chaos and some owning in the Worlds energy (psychics and energy) are characterized by a certain scale levels (from the 26th, the weakest, to the 0-th, the strongest). The level characterizes the potential amount of energy that can own and manage the entity, and the number of prohibitions of some dangerous Knowledge that he’s not allowed to know. In fact, the level determines the power sources and converters. Normal aspiration is to raise your level, which is possible under certain circumstances, actions, and own intelligence. The levels are given from above (God and Devil). Unauthorised climbing off me first give a warning, then destroy. But it happens in exceptional cases, as dangerous Knowledge well keep. But sometimes it happens because the knowledge of the mass, and not regulated at all levels. The Lord and the Devil are not level, as you know and can everything. Apart from them the most strong and reasonable in the Chaos are 72 beings, whom I call Demons (the 0-th level). They mostly keep Knowledge, monitor the Tree Times and destroy those who do not obey the rules. In addition, the intelligences can be divided into 7 types(the human mind belongs to the 2nd type).

Now about the origin of Worlds (possibly shocking).

Worlds is a great Game and Lord of the Devil, who compete with each other on a “Board” of the human (in our World) minds. The game takes place in several Worlds. At the end of the Game on one of the Worlds leave him to die and collect a new one. Sad to realize, but humans are only pawns, and without realizing it, obey the clear rules of the Game. In addition, the Worlds used as a school for certain types of minds, but they were created as a Game. But let’s say, before the “first grader” this school ordinary people as to Jupiter, and sansam and energy much closer, is what earthly sense is superior to Strength SymbioticA or a Succubus (see below). Minds go to the Worlds method of symbiosis, i.e., at birth, a child’s mind mixed with arrivals from the mind of Chaos. People growing up not knowing who he is.

Basic in this case, the task is to remember who you are (since the memory block), then arrived the part begins to manifest itself and eventually takes over, otherwise we could die like a man, then Kosovska part is sent back with a failure result. But do not confuse Symbiotic with ordinary earthly psychics and energy because of symbiotical much less. SymbioticA at all times taught Sensei and disseminated Knowledge, but only chosen ones, who deserve it.

Also very rare clean Kosovska minds in a human body, let’s call them Incubi and Succubus, depending on the sex of the body. Mostly they are dangerous for people. By the way, a pure mind has no sex. In addition, there are many Worlds of intelligent beings, as the Worlds – part of Chaos. Many of them live here permanently, people used to call Spirits, etc., in General, idealiziruete. That’s all the population.