The most mysterious places on the planet

On Earth there are many places that frighten and attract attention with its mystery and mystique. Some of them are monuments of ancient culture, and some of these places – the creation of our contemporaries.

Some of the most mysterious places on the planet

Cape Hatteras

This area is called the graveyard of the Atlantic. For the navigation of the U.S. East coast is pretty dangerous. Even in good weather, when visibility is just perfect, it is difficult to pass vehicles. But if it happens a storm or fog (which is often the case), so all the trouble. In addition, the Cape is a very fast course, and in the storm wave height is thirteen meters. Near the Cape, where the Gulf stream collides with the Labrador current, observed a unique phenomenon – turbulent swirls and fountains up to 30 meters in height, consisting of a mixture of sea foam, shells and sand. They represent a great danger for sailors.

Czech catacombs

The catacombs of the Czech city of Jigsaw created by man in the middle ages. Them poor publicity. This is one of the most mysterious places, which only exists on the planet. Here the sounds of the organ can be heard, some sverkhyestestvennogo to see, for example, a glowing staircase. Even scientists admit that there is happening something wrong, although from a scientific point of view cannot explain what it is.

Loch Ness

If we talk about the most mysterious places on planet Earth, it is impossible not to mention this lake, which is located in Scotland. The lake depth (maximum) – 230 m and an area of 56 sq. km. But not its size attract tourists, and a mysterious animal that has settled here. Nessie, what do you call this creature the locals and tourists, reminiscent of a dinosaur. It even managed a few times to take pictures. Let the pictures and not clear, but suggest that some large, like an ancient lizard with a long neck animal, still lives here.


The origin of the English Stonehenge until recently was a mystery. One of the most plausible modern theory says that this ancient Observatory (which is about four thousand years). This arrangement of stone slabs allowed the ancient people to determine, for example, lunar or solar Eclipse. It is interesting that now these calculations were made possible by the availability of accurate modern equipment, and that’s how he thought of this people in those days?

The Tablets Georgia

This monument is often called America’s Stonehenge. But he is much younger – built Dzhordzhiysky tables of only a few decades ago. 6 huge granite tablets posted messages in 12 languages, who is called to lead a righteous life, not to harm nature, to appreciate love, etc. the unique Construction that resembles the Observatory, pointing to the day of the year, North star, etc. Who sponsored the construction of this monument is not known.

In addition to these the most mysterious places on planet Earth there are many such. All of them just not realistic to list in one article. But they exist, and attract from all over the world many tourists.