Ancient structures

Anthropologists, historians, art historians, sculptors, recreating shape of ancient man, restore to us the image of our ancestor who lived several thousand years ago. And he rises from the depths of hoary centuries, beautiful and brave, not helpless before the forces of the insidious nature. This is not defenseless creature, hiding from the cold in skins and have no power over the surrounding world. A distant ancestor might show us the structure of baked brick, wheeled carts, colorful ceramic kitchenware. He is familiar with the smelting of metals, crosses the seas and lakes on vessels equipped with sails and oars, he uses the plow, weights, level, plumb, protractor, compasses, pliers, file, scissors, saw, plane, rotation.

It creates a magnificent building, still stunning in its scope and strength. Egyptian pyramids, sphinxes, sculpture-colossi, Greek temples, Roman public buildings and aqueducts stood in a long confrontation with the forces of the elements and still give birth to modern pilgrims a sense of belonging to the eternal history of mankind, uplifting the consciousness of continuity. The builders of antiquity had a tremendous intuition, experience and high professional skills. Continue reading